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Better your Health, Focus, and Energy With Our Proven Oxygen Concentration System

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Why You Should Get Oxygen Treatment Sooner Than Later:

The Older We Get, The More Important Health Becomes

Increases Your Energy Levels And Focus

Prolong Your Lung Health For Years

Low Commitment, Cheaper Than A Visit To An Oxygenation treatment

The Only Oxygen Treatment You'll Ever Need Again

No more thousands spent on treating your health in uncomfortable hospitals and clinics.

Treat yourself at home with a convenient, time efficient oxygen nebulizer system that makes life easier. 

Proven To Improve Physical Activity: 

ResMed  2019  Clinical Trial

"Portable Oxygen Concentrators Lead  To Improvements to Physical Activity, Oxygen Usage, and Quality of Life in Patients Using Oxygen Therapy Devices."

ResMed: (Clinicial Trial)

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Bring Freedom Back To Your Life

No more missing out on life because of your health. Give yourself the treatment that gives you freedom.

Easy To Use

Our adjustable Oxygen Concentration supply a continuous flow of 1-7L/min of oxygen. 

The generator has a timing function, can set the time within 8 hours.

The smart control panel makes it easy to operate. It has a large color LED screen, flow regulation, voice broadcast function, timer operation function, and infrared remote control

What's Included With Today's Order?

(1) Oxygen Generator System

(1) Power Cord

(1) NasalX Oxygen Tube ($49 Value)

(1) NasalX Breathing Mask ($29 Value)

(2) Smart O2 Filters ($35 Value)

(2) Generator Fuses ($29 Value)

(1) User Manual

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100% Money Back Guarantee Included

 ($29 Value)

Have A Question?

Frequently Asked questions

Is This A Oxygen Machine/Nebulizer?

Yes! It's an oxygen nebulizer, made to help oxygenate your bloodstream through inhalation. 

How Often Should I Clean It?

We recommend rinsing the breathing tube with warm saltwater, once per week. You can clean it more frequently if needed. Cleaning only takes about 5 minutes.

Is it Loud To Operate?

Luckily it's not! Our newest technology has allowed the system operate with a quieter hum, it is much quieter than other machines and the noise shouldn't disturb you. 

How long does each Treatment take?

An average session takes about 10 minutes. You can use it for longer or shorter as needed.

Okay, I'm ready To Order. How Long Will My Order Take To Be Delivered?

Currently shipping is taking about 12-14 business days for customers in the US.  Processing takes 1- 4 days as well. We ship weekend orders out on Monday. This is subject to change slightly if USPS has delays (like they did last year).

No worries though! Our support team is attentive and will keep you updated on the status of your order with live tracking. If you don't receive your order within 6 weeks we will provide a full refund. We take good care of our customers, always. :)

100% Money-Back Guarantee Included

Feeling Uncertainty? Don't Worry, We Have You Covered With Vital's 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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